Advantages for the plant owner

BWSC has decades of thorough experience and expertise in engineering, construction, operation, maintenance, repairing, upgrading and managing power plants.

BWSC possesses in-house expertise to take care of all technical aspects and cooperates with a wide range of leading OEM's and partners within the industry enabling us to respond to all of our customer's technical needs.

Reduced outage time as BWSC's services are carried out by qualified supervisors, specialists and flying squads working in shifts around the clock.

BWSC has substantial experience in the design, construction and operation of power plants worldwide, and our approach to service is fast, flexible and dependable, catering to the needs of the individual power plant owner.

By teaming up with BWSC, you get access to a comprehensive knowledge base within all power plant aspects, and a responsible partner who is committted to assist in ensuring safe, reliable and cost-effective power generation, leading to lower risks and increased efficiency.

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